1. Who I am*

    *at the moment of writing this

    I am a photographer, neuroscientist and a media artist and I'm doing a PhD in Computer Science. My whole deal is to look at everything as abstractly as one can, which results in the melting brains.

    About this page

    No need for long introduction. This is supposed to be a portfolio.

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  2. Computer-aided out-of-body experience

    A little more than a hundred years ago, an American psychologist George Stratton pondered the question: how stiff are the algorithms of human vision in the brain? As a result of his curiosity, he built an optical device with mirrors that turns the image upside down and put it onto his head. On the seventh day of continuous wear Stratton got adapted to a new perception of the world, and the picture began to seem completely natural. When he removed the device, for a while the world seemed strange to him, however, later his perception got back to normal.

    I've done the similar experiment but even more crazy. For 4 days I was wearing the out-of-body virtual reality glasses all the time (the article about the experiment in Russian). The picture that I was seeing for the whole time looked like this

  3. The brain-computer interface

    I've designed the EEG device and the brain-computer interface with it. Not a big deal, but looks cool

  4. Understanding human consciousness

    I'm a PhD student and the question of consciousness in the computational form is directly related to my PhD.

    “Science is knowledge which we understand so well that we can teach it to a computer; and if we don't fully understand something, it is an art to deal with it” — Donald Knuth

    For me both parts are important: understand everything (including consciousness) well enough that we can program it, and get an art from it!

    I'm working on a project related to that for my PhD.

  5. The lie detector

    This is a great device to have with you and show off at parties (just kidding). The device measures the skin conductance

  6. The very cool project

    Right now I'm working on a project that I cannot give the details of, but it's commercial. I left this notice here as a hint.

  7. My social network graph (2011)

    The first layer is made of my direct friends, the second out of their friends and the third is friends' friends' friends.

  8. The traffic jams visualization (2011)

    I came up with the concept, partly designed and programmed this (original article in Russian)

  9. Biefeld-Brown lifter (2009)

    I made my lifter before it became mainstream

  10. Everything else

    This is a reminder for myself to add here: my view on the structure of the universe and on understanding life (this is more art, partly science); consciousness and emotional machines (a little bit more art and a little bit more science).

    Todo: decide, is it worth to add the older projects here.